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About Me: An Experienced Family Law Consultant

When it comes to securing professional guidance on family law issues, experience matters. I am attorney John Chapski, the founder of J. Chapski Family Law Consulting LLC in Geneva, Illinois. Experience is one of the key strengths of my practice.

Family law has been the focus of my career for more than 30 years. I provide consulting services for individuals and attorneys on cases ranging from divorce and custody to prenuptial agreements, asset protection and more.

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What I Bring To The Table

Drawing on three decades of legal experience, I understand the nuances of Illinois family law and how it applies in complex cases. I’m skilled at helping clients develop strategies tailored for success.

I know the local court system, judges and attorneys who handle family law cases. I use that knowledge to provide valuable guidance. If you are contemplating or are already involved in a family law matter and are seeking advice or a second opinion, you can turn to me for trusted counsel. While I don’t represent clients in court or other tribunals, I do provide consulting services to help clients and other family law attorneys make better-informed decisions.

Get Individualized Guidance On Your Family Law Case

Family law issues can have major ramifications for what matters most in your life – your loved ones, your financial picture, your property interests and your future. It’s well worth the investment to seek guidance on how best to proceed with your case.

To learn more about the services I offer, please contact me online or by phone at 847-906-8167. I look forward to hearing from you.